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AGM Stone offer the ultimate stonemasonry solutions for both new creations and restoration projects. We’re committed to the use of traditional materials, a professional, friendly approach and workmanship of the very highest standards.

Focussing on the Perfect

Whether we’re building brand new walls, restoring dilapidated barns or installing eye-catching fireplaces, our commitment to excellence never changes. AGM Stone should be your number one contact for your stone-related projects in Scotland.

A Commitment to Conservation

For us, conservation is far more than just an abstract concept. Whenever possible,  we believe in using traditional methods, existing materials and years of experience to create a strong, beautiful and long-lasting finish. We believe our work speaks for itself.

Local Talent, Local Success

AGM Stone have a young, energetic team sourced from the local area and working right across Central Scotland. Our mission is a simple one: to use our skills and knowledge to provide stunning bespoke solutions to both commercial and domestic clients.

Certified, Accredited and Ready to Excel

Your stonework and restoration assignments need the very best specialists to make them stand out from the norm, so use the finest. AGM Stone have all the qualifications and the accreditations your project deserves, so please get in touch soon.

Why Choose Us?

AGM Stone offer a premium service, backed up by years of experience and a commitment to providing only the very best results. Whatever type of stonework you need, one call to our team is all it takes to start the ball rolling. We’re driven by the pursuit of perfection, and that’s why you should call.


You already know the importance of using the very best specialists, so call AGM Stone today for your next project.


You need to know that you’re dealing with experts when it comes to stonework, and that’s why AGM Stone need to be on your side.


Don’t take chances with stonework projects. All you have to do is call our team today for the peace of mind your next job demands.

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AGM Stone have a dedicated team of specialists, and we can provide all your stonework needs for projects both large and small.

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Big on Conservation, Small on Environmental Impact

In many of our assignments, we use as much reclaimed stone as possible. This isn’t a decision taken on just cost or convenience, we have a strong commitment to doing what we can for the environment. It can also add a great deal of authenticity to a finished project.

And it’s important to remember that reclaimed stone is beautiful to behold, and has a great deal of character already interwoven in its DNA. Newly built installations are wonderful, of course, but reclaimed stone can bring a very special touch. And if it doesn’t end up in a landfill site, then so much the better for all of us! Call today to find out more about helping the environment with your next stonework project.

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