Five stonework ideas for public spaces

Five stonework ideas for public spaces

There’s no getting away from the fact that stone is the perfect material for transforming public spaces in our villages, towns and cities. It looks beautiful, it’s strong and durable, it’s relatively easy to maintain and it’s adaptable. AGM Stone have worked on a number of impressive projects in recent times, and here are five ways to feature this superb material in our communal spaces.

1. Repointing sea walls

Coastal locations are perfect places for sitting and watching the world go by, but sea walls are of course susceptible to damage and erosion. Repointing is a relatively inexpensive repair, and the finished result can look wonderful and last for many years. Protecting walls from the threat of inclement weather, not to mention the ever-present saltwater, is an absolute must.

2. Repairing war memorials

War memorials are hugely important landmarks in even the smallest of villages, and they are always at the mercy of erosion and damage. These beautiful installations carry a strong emotional resonance with the local population, so it’s important to keep them in good repair. Thankfully, effective maintenance and remedial work is an easy process for skilled stonemasons.

3. Stone seating in public squares

In the summer months especially, public squares can be gathering places for the locals, providing an opportunity to relax and interact with others at all times of day. Stone seating, especially perhaps using reclaimed stone that can help the environment, can look particularly attractive. And of course this is a material that’s strong, durable and liable to last a very long time.

4. Archways for parks

Many of our parks offer the chance to wander freely along designated pathways, providing an opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and the freedom. A series of stone arches can add to the aesthetic beauty of the surroundings, and won’t cost a fortune to create and install. AGM Stone have worked on a number of public projects, using the finest materials and many techniques that have been in existence for centuries.

5. Outdoor staircases

The majority of staircases in the home are understandably made of wood these days, but external staircases need to be stronger, more durable and less likely to deteriorate. There’s something wonderful about walking on staircases made from reclaimed stone, whether you’re at the seaside, in a park or heading to the shops. No wonder more and more architects are using stone at the moment.

Here at AGM Stone, we work hand in hand with project managers, architects and surveyors on public stonework assignments all over Scotland. To discuss your next project, just call 07493 348 845 for a friendly chat. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.