Five perfect projects for reclaimed stone

Five perfect projects for reclaimed stone

There’s something more than a little heart-breaking about seeing perfectly good stone lying in a skip, waiting for the inevitable final journey to a landfill site. The chances are that this beautiful and durable material would be perfect for another project that’s ready and waiting to become a reality. If you have stone that could be re-used, here are five ideas to do just that.

1. Create a fireplace that stands out from the crowd

Whether you have basalt, granite, marble, sandstone or anything else, it could make the ideal material for a grand fireplace. It’s long-lasting, has plenty of character and would provide an attractive focal point for any room. Why look for brand new materials when you can be kinder to the environment and to your pocket at the same time? The benefits of using reclaimed stone are all too apparent.

2. Give a garden path a new lease of life

Many types of stone are perfect for use in garden pathways, thanks to their ability to withstand the vagaries of the Scottish climate. If your garden paths are in need of a makeover, our skilled professionals can make it happen. On a larger scale, we can also create and install reclaimed stone paths for public parks, open spaces, commercial buildings and town centres.

3. Replace dilapidated fences with stone walls

Wooden fences, irrespective of which wood is used, look good but only have a relatively short shelf life. They are constantly bombarded by the weather, by moisture and of course by insects, so replacing one fence with another doesn’t really make sense. Here at AGM Stone, we can build you a stone wall that looks gorgeous and will last for many decades to come.

4. Commission a farm building that really lasts

Reclaimed stone has a wonderful in-built character, and it lends itself perfectly to rustic locations. Farm buildings made with this material look pleasing to the eye, obviously, but more importantly they’re strong enough to withstand even the toughest of environments. If you have quantities of stone on your farm and you don’t know what to do with them, have a chat with our team today.

5. Reimagine a workplace location

A number of workplace locations throughout Scotland and the UK will have developed over a number of decades, leaving them now with a mix of architectural styles, building materials and, naturally, overall conditions. If you’re looking to replace individual buildings on a factory site, for example, using reclaimed stone will enable you to gradually create uniformity across the whole site. AGM Stone have worked closely with construction professionals across Scotland, and we are committed to using reclaimed stone as often as possible. We offer a range of services to architects, project managers and surveyors, and we’d like nothing more than to discuss your next assignment with you. Just call 07493 348 845 for a no obligation chat.