It’s time to say yes to stone flooring

It’s time to say yes to stone flooring

More and more building managers and owners are incorporating stone flooring into their new build projects these days, and it’s easy to see why. There are plenty of advantages to choosing stone, not the least of which is the opportunity to have a maintenance-free material in situ. Stone lasts for an exceptionally long time without needing repairs or alterations, unlike wood, for example.

There’s an aesthetic beauty to stone flooring as well. Let’s face it, this is an eye-catching material for corridors, staircases, landings, rooms and balconies. And it’s easy to match the stone to external flooring, creating a beautiful look that flows from inside to outside with ease. Stone has been a favourite with surveyors for many years, and there’s no reason to see this popularity waning.

Office buildings, especially ones with a high number of people operating within, can be extremely hot and stuffy in the summer months. Trying to get the best out of your workforce when they’re feeling overheated and flustered isn’t easy, but stone flooring helps to keep the temperatures at a more manageable level. If your productivity currently drops in a heatwave, it could be time to consider new stone flooring.

As warm as toast, even in the coldest winter

It’s worth noting, of course, that stone isn’t the ideal material in winter when the snow is falling, but with the incorporation of underfloor heating the problem just disappears. Stone is an excellent heat conductor, and the warmth it generates will be retained in the stone for long periods of time. Maintaining even temperatures will be easier than you might have thought.

As a general rule, stone flooring tends to be more expensive than wood, but you can save money and help the environment by using reclaimed stone. It’s cheaper, it has more character and if you can save it from the landfill you’ll be making a major difference to the environment. This ecological impact has been a major factor in the increased usage of reclaimed stone in many residential and commercial projects.

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